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Tumeric Fried Chicken

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tumeric Fried Chicken

Chicken pieces

Tumeric powder

Plain flour

eggs (as much as you can to evenly coat the chicken that you have)

salt and pepper for seasoning.

How to make Tumeric Fried Chicken
With tumeric, it's really easy to stain the chicken.. so if you look at the picture, you'll see that the chicken are so bright and orange-y. will explain why.

1. Dip the chicken in a mixture of eggs, tumeric powder, salt and pepper'.

2. Take the plain flour, tumeric powder, salt, and pepper and mix it together. one way to do this is to put everything in a sieve, mix it all up in the seive, and slowly stir the inside of the seive to get a nicely mixed flour. good dusting.. i think thats what people call it.

3. Dust the egg drenched chicken pieces with the flour mix. Just keep dusting and dusting... and shake off the excess and leave for a while. This lets the egg and the flour mix 'bond'. bonding is good. because if bonding does not happen, the dusting will break off when you fry.

4. Once you've waited long enough, just deep fry the chicken in oil. But remember, the oil has to be really hot when you put the chicken pieces in. After you hear a little bit of sizzle, turn the heat down. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Or if you don't have a deep dryer, just shallow fry, turning it once every 7 minutes.. (or longer, depending on the thickness of your chicken pieces).

Ok. the chicken may not be cooked. So may I suggest that you preheat your oven to 150c, and put the chicken pieces in there until just before your guest come to the table. It's terrible to have undercooked fried chicken. This is a safe way though.. I'm not much of a deep fryer. So I do this just in case.. I hate having to microwave the chicken.

Im sorry the presentation isn't so good. I don't really have the time for presentation. But I served this with pickled carrots, rice, and a chilli sauce that i made out of sambal paste and rice vinegar.

Next time I do something deep fried, it will be pork hocks. stay tuned people.