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Monday, July 28, 2008


Maida/All purpose flour - 1 lb
Dalda - 200 gm
water - 300 ml
lemon salt - 1/4 tbsp
baking soda - 1 pinch

For Sugar Syrup:
sugar -1/4 lbs
water - 1/4 ltr
Milk - 100ml

Making the dough:
Sift the flour and put it in a bowl. Add the baking soda, lemon salt , melted dalda ( I don’t have lemon salt so I akipped it and also no dalda so I add vegetable oil)and add water little by little and make it a smooth dough just like the way you make it for parotta. No need to keep it for a long time to become smooth. But knead it by your hand. Give a exercise to your hand. It is very important the dough must be so smooth. Now seperate the dough into small balls , flatten the balls. Curve the edges with your fingers to from ridges. Now press the bottom of the dough with your finger so that the dough pops-up at the center.

Making the Syrup:
Add the sugar and the water. Make it to boil. when it starts to boil add milk to it. Allow 10mins for the syrup to boil. If there is any foam remove it with a spoon with holes. If you touch the syrup it should stick with your fingers. Remove it from fire and allow it to cool.

Frying the Dough:
Now the dough is prepared and ready to fry. Heat oil in a pan. Don’t over heat it. Put a small dough and check the heat. If the dough is fried well and floating remove the oil pan from the fire and throw all the badushah you made. (It must remove from fire before you throw the dough in) .

Once you throw the dough in it will settle down in the oil. Now press it with the ladle after sometime the badushah start to float on the oil.

Now place the pan again in the fire and in low flame allow it to cook for 10mins to 15mins. So now you will see the nice brown color.

Drain it from oil and allow it to cool. Once it is cool drop this into the syrup you made before. Keep it in the syrup for 5mins.

Now remove it from syrup if you have any more remaining syrup pour it on top of the badushah.

Now the delicious badushah is ready to go.